Interview with Wilhelm Luxem GM Hotel Baur au Lac. Passion for quality

Wilhelm Luxem GM of Hotel Baur au Lac, Zurich. Quality and a wonderful team of dedicated people delivering customised service to our guests. A top – class experience ….

by Antonella Iozzo

Mr. Wilhelm Luxem, first of all, what’s your story?
I love People and Quality. This is why I have chosen a hotel career. The daily interaction with people is my oxygen. Guests, employees, supplier and business partners are the environment where quality is nurtured and reinvented all the time. Where else would you have such a variety of opportunities?

Your definition of Baur au Lac 
A family owned hotel in sixed generation. Combining traditions and todays needs for comfort and lifestyle. The perfect location in Zürich to do business and to enjoy the city. A wonderful team of dedicated people delivering customised service to our guests.

How important is the history of a Baur au Lac for its future?
The history is our foundation. It sets the aura and the philosophy. This provides us a strong base to deliver service in today’s tones and expectations.

Mr. Wilhelm Luxem, which are the peculiarities of the Baur au Lac ?
The tremendous number of regular loyal guests. The privileged location on lac Zürich and yet in the middle of the city.  A wonderful team of dedicated and experienced staff.

Do you love the cuisine?
Having started my career in hospitality as an apprenty in culinary arts, the kitchen will always be the heart of a hotel for me. I equaly love the contemporary fine dining of Lauren Eperon in our Pavillon Restaurant and the casual dining in our Rive Gauche Restaurant with great meet and vegetarian and seasonal dishes.

How important is the gastronomy for the hotel?
One has to eat every day. It would be a shame if this would be reduced to content your apetit. Each meal must be a celebration without regret. It is an essential part of the overall experience of the Baur au Lac.

Mr Wilhelm Luxem, three adjectives to describe Baur au Lac style
Discretion. Refinement. Personalisation.

Baur au Lac  and Zurich, is there synergy, feeling, with the city?
There is a vibrant feeling of localness and swissness, yet this cosmopolitan atmosphere created by guest from all quarters of the world is harmoniously unique.

And whats is your dream, Mr Wilhelm Luxem?
Managing the Baur au Lac.


Baur au Lac Hotel
Talstrasse 1 8001 Zürich – Schweiz
Tel. +41 44 220 50 22


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