Mary Larkin. New President of Diversified Communications

Interview with Mary Larkin. New President of Diversified Communications. I am working on a focused vision and implementation strategy for the division.  We are on a growth path which I am very excited about, and I want to make sure we are structured to take on that growth.

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New York – Mary Larkin is the new president of Diversified Communications. She started working with Diversified Communications. She started working with Diversified Communications more than 23 years ago as a salesperson. Determined, dynamic, with a fresh and serene smile, Larkin is also active in trade show industry groups, and is the incoming President of UFI, The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.
Can you, Mary Larkin, give a brief explanation of Diversified Communications?
Diversified Communications is a leading international media company with a portfolio of face-to-face exhibitions and conferences, online communities and digital and print publications. As producers of these market-leading products Diversified Communications connects, educates and strengthens business communities in over 15 industries including: renewable energy, healthcare, natural and organic, food and beverage, and technology. Established in 1949 and headquartered in Portland, Maine, USA with divisions and offices around the world, Diversified Communications remains a privately held, third generation, family-owned business.

You’ve recently been promoted to President of Diversified Communications’ US Operating Division. What are your goals?
I am working on a focused vision and implementation strategy for the division.  We are on a growth path which I am very excited about, and I want to make sure we are structured to take on that growth.  Last year, we had two event launches, one in the construction field and of course, Vinexpo!  This year, we have already purchased an event in the solar industry so we are off to a great start.

What strategy was adopted to promote and communicate Vinexpo 2019?
We worked with our agency partner to assist in promoting Vinexpo New York. We tasked them to craft a monthly newsletter to keep media, exhibitors and attendees up to speed on the latest news and updates, addressed all incoming inquiries and acted as a resource for all media covering the event.  We also had outreach to buyers which we plan to continue, as well as a very customer focused outreach to exhibitors.  We like to partner with our exhibitors and attendees so we are learning their needs and wants.

And what was your role in the promotion process?
The Vinexpo marketing team looked at the profile of buyer we want to match with our exhibitor base.  The team focused on outreach to more of those buyers, we wanted to increase the number of states represented and also have an event that really represented the lucrative North American market.  My role, to be honest, was to move the process forward and to ensure we delivered to our customer base.  We have a great team and we always want our customers to be successful at our events.

Mary Larkin, how much do you think Diversified Communications’ work affects the success of the wine and spirits business in the United States?
We are only at the beginning.  This is our second year and we have big plans.  I am so excited for the future for Vinexpo New York and being a part of such a wonderful, interesting and complex industry.  We do fully immerse ourselves in the industries we serve and I see this event as being no different.  Let’s just say we are passionate about the wine and spirits industry.  We are constantly learning and want to play a role within the industry. We want to provide the forum for success for producers and buyers alike and to address industry issues.

Can you tell us the greatest satisfaction in promoting Vinexpo for these past few years?
The first edition actually taking place was amazing.  Delivering on an event that is so complex logistically was a hurdle in itself.  Seeing the event come together from an idea, borne from passion about wine and listening to business information, to it taking place is overwhelming and satisfying to me all at the same time. Facing the challenge of two levels in year one and overcoming that this year, identifying the high quality buyer for the exhibitors and delivering the best content for an event has been immensely satisfying and I am very proud of the team that works to deliver all that.

What’s in store for the future of Vinexpo New York?
More and more exhibitors and buyers/influencers.  We are on the same one level next year, we plan to add more education like our partnership with Sonoma State University Wine Business Institute, continue with our media partners and to deliver the best event for the wine and spirits industry in North America.


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