Interview Diamond Alexander Miss San Diego at Masterchef USA

Interview Diamond Alexander Miss San Diego, and competitor of Masterchef USA. I think San Diego has always been a destination type of city and is becoming more and more of a serious contender in the food scene… It was incredible to see Gordon Ramsay’s talent and years of experience in this field up close…
by Antonella Iozzo

Diamond Alexander Miss San Diego 2015,  3rd Runner up to Miss California and  in the top 10 home cook on  Masterchef USA. beautiful, curious and intelligent, beautiful, curious and intelligent, with a degree in Food and Nutritional Science and with a strong technology background. The future of Daimaond speaks is a rainbow of flavors in harmony with life.  
Why did you decide to participate in Masterchef?
I have loved to cook since I was a little girl! I remember watching Food Network with my grandma as young as 3 and 5 years old, begging her to let me pretend like I was one of those chefs I saw on TV. After winning the title of  Miss San Diego 2015 and 3rd Runner up to Miss California, I received an email that Masterchef was looking in San Diego for a new season and I decided to audition. As they say, the rest is history.

Diamond Alexander,  which dish did you prepare to inter in the Top 20? Why?
I created a homemade mushroom ravioli dish with a tomato cream sauce and coconut bacon. I wanted to showcase some of my vegetarian cooking skills and show that vegetarian food can still have a ton of delicious flavor. I studied Advanced Italian and History of the Renaissance in Florence a few years back and enjoyed eating Italian food from the regions they came from. Back home, my family would meet at a family-owned Italian restaurant by the beach in Southern California whenever we wanted to celebrate something important so from both of these experiences, I decided to choose an Italian dish. I also feel that many Italian dishes lend themselves well to a vegetarian diet.

The Masterchef challenge you remember with more joy
I really loved the wedding challenge since we were able to cook for a former Masterchef competitor (and fellow San Diegan!) plus my team won! My other favorite was the veteran challenge – one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Diamond Alexander, what did you like best about Gordon Ramsay? What did you like least?
It was incredible to see Gordon Ramsay’s talent and years of experience in this field up close – I called him a cooking wizard! I wish there was less yelling – I’m too sensitive for that 🙂

Three adjectives for Gordon and Christina Tosi 
Dedicated, Talented, Caring

Diamond Miss San Diego and home cook in the top ten of Masterchef USA. If I say: beautiful, design, kitchen, what do you answer?
Oooh great question! Without a doubt, a beautiful kitchen should be open and airy, allowing for light and air and people to feel comfortable moving about. I also think a big sink, lots of counter space, and beautiful clear containers to showcase ingredients and baked goods are a must.

What is your style in the kitchen? And in your life?
I am a proud introvert so I definitely appreciate having some alone time when I’m in the kitchen and in life – although having my sisters or close friends nearby to chat with and laugh over wine with would be another favorite way to spend my time in the kitchen – and in life!

Which San Diego dish best suits your taste?
I love fish tacos! Also, Extraordinary Desserts is one of my most favorite places to go to as well.

What’s your impression of the San Diego food scene?
I love that San Diego attracts a variety of cultures and food styles so I would San Diego is really a beautiful mixture of everything from extravagant experimental cuisine to flavorful and soulful street food. I think San Diego has always been a destination type of city and is becoming more and more of a serious contender in the food scene.

In your professional future there will also be the kitchen?
I really hope so! I am still a student so some of my food goals have been temporarily put on hold but I am excited to see what can happen in the near future!

What is your dream?
I am still torn on this topic but currently, I would like to live in a smaller community/town and both work at the local library and own a health foods store where we prepare vegetarian and vegan items for the community. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutritional Science so I would like to incorporate that into my food dream somehow. For me, the most important thing in my life, even more than food (which is saying a lot!), is my relationship with God and wanting to live in a way that glorifies and honors Him in everything I do. So I have some ideas of what I would like to do but I want to be led by His Guidance in everything. I have a strong technology background as well so I am sure I will ultimately find a way to combine food and technology into something beautiful!


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