Ross Lusted Australian chef. Cosmopolitan touch Iconic taste

Ross Lusted Chef. The Bridge Room was awarded Restaurant of the Year 2016 and Three Hats 2017 by The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. Travel, architecture and art are my greatest inspirations, if I am painting or making sculpture it hightens my creativity and cooking…

di Antonella Iozzo

rosslustedRoss Lusted Chef. Passion, dedication and cosmopolitan touch at the service of unique and excellence cooking style. Chef of the Year by The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide.
His Restaurant in Australia, The Bridge Room was awarded Restaurant of the Year 2016 and Three Hats 2017 by The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide. Iconic taste, Iconic emotions. 

Ross Lusted, please tell us about your professional carrer.
I have been cooking since I was 15 with 3 very distinctive changes of inspiration.
The first was working with a classically  trained 2 Michelin Star chef  who opened by eyes to what makes a great chef, the next was cooking Thai food with David Thompson which changed the way I cooked dramatically, the last was actually  not cooking for the  last 10 years, I travelled and worked in hotel development  for Aman Resorts.
For me not cooking helped develop my own thinking and personal vision for the food and experience i wanted to create in my restaurant.

Your definition of The Bridge Room Style.
It is food inspired by my travels, fire and charcoal are at the core, layering of texture and hidden flavours.

 What inspires you?
Travel, architecture and art are my greatest inspirations, if I am painting or making sculpture it heightens my creativity and cooking.

The Bridge Room

In your opinion, could the Australian culinary excellence be decisive in selecting a travels?
As someone who has lived all over the world, I always looked to Australia for pure cooking and exceptional ingredients.
I think it is the most diverse and multicultural country in the world  and this drives the continued evolution of cooking makes it a world class travel destination.

What do you love and what don’t you love about Europa?
Europe has always been the bench mark for our industry, wine, meat, cheese but it stood still for a while and lived on its reputations, today I am refeshed by Europe and the chefs breaking with tradition and creating the new bench marks.    

What is your favorite cuisine to cook?
I love Thai food, it is a generous style of cooking and is ruled by last second adjustments, always exciting.   

What is your favorite wine?
Amarone – the tast of holidays  

Do you have a signature dish?
I try not to, I would never want a restaurant of greatest hits  

What is your most interesting or fun experience in your restaurant?
I design the ceramics for the restaurant, this is always interesting as it  is so connected to the experience

Your dream you want to realize.
Work life balance

The Bridge Room
Ground Level – 44 Bridge Street
Sydney- NSW 2000
T.  02 9247 7000 – F.  02 9247 7007


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